Dear Customers,

Due to the short supply of prawns and new regulation in Australia some of our dishes with prawns will be affected until further notice.
The dishes affected are as follow;

*Steak & Prawns
*Chicken & Prawns
*Veal & Prawns
*Fish & Prawns
*Pasta Gamberitta
*Pasta Marinara
*Asian Prawn Salad (Not Available)
*Fatman's Creamy Garlic Prawns (Not Available)
*Seafood Rissotto
*Garlic Prawns Rissotto (Not Available)

Please note that you can still order the dishes affected BUT there will be NO PRAWN in it. 
The prices will be reduced as follow;

*Steak & Garlic Sauce $16.00
*Chicken & Garlic Sauce $15.00
*Veal & Garlic Sauce $15.00
*Fish & Garlic Sauce $13.00
*Pasta Gamberetti $15.00
*Pasta Marinara $16.00
*Seafood Risotto $15.00

Thank you for your understanding.

Fatman's Managment.

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